Anyone who in their life struggles with a sense of a belonging, like I have, Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown is a MUST READ.

Over the course of my life I have been in agony feeling out of place, yearning for a sense of belonging. It's only recently that I have gotten a glimpse into the answer: comfort in belonging to myself.

Over several conversations and personal development programs, I have noticed that lack of authentic self expression is what many struggle with, for a variety of reasons. It propelled me and two of my girlfriends (pictured below:), to have this and LIBERATION as "our words" for the year.

As a pretty communicative, extraverted at times person, I have been perplexed over what my block has been about being fully self expressed, and liberated around sharing, especially on social media.

Now I see that belonging is totally a part of it!!

I'm scared to share because of a deeply engrained core wounding that I don't belong, and so what I share inherently must not matter, or will further isolate me.

I am finally remedying this illusion, by realizing the one person that has been rolling their eyes at me, is me.

Not until I completely feel connected, unconditional love for, and a sense of belonging to myself, will I trust myself to share.

Within the first three chapters of this book, Braving the Wilderness, here I am writing and sharing vulnerably.

What really made me get it, and jump into action to share, was Brene's reference and explanation of the transformative nature of art (and that's one thing I truly believe in...hence my dedicating my life to expressive arts therapy).

And what she writes is this:

"When we hear someone else sing about the jagged edges of heartache or the unspeakable nature of grief, we immediately know we aren't the only ones in pain. The transformative power of art is in the sharing; without connection or collective engagement, what we hear is simply a caged song of sorrow and despair, we find no liberation in it. its the shared nature of art that whispers 'You're not alone.' "
-Brene Brown

I feel liberated already! This is a long post, and guess what, I don't care! :)

If this post was somehow useful or resonated, or if anyone else needs accountability in sharing more too, comment below!

Our voice is not just wanted, IT'S NEEDED. 
And the more we share, the more we will realize, WE BELONG.


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