Expressive Arts therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that incorporates creative expression into the therapeutic process

Expressive Arts Therapy has emerged in the past several decades as an innovative approach toward health in our contemporary society.  Combined with traditional talk therapy, the arts (music, movement, visual art, poetry)  are incorporated into sessions to as a means to externalize that which we cannot put fully into words, explore issues, reveal themes and help create new healthy patterns in your life. 

Creative expression invites self-reflection and dialogue that can lead to meaningful self-discovery, connection with others, and personal empowerment.  Studies have shown that the arts—particularly when integrated with mental health practices—can yield social, emotional, physical and cognitive benefits.  The nonverbal aspect of the arts transcends traditional barriers of age, ability, and culture and shared creative experiences build empathy and community, which expand possibilities for action and transformation. Read an article on art therapy here


Discover a creative and effective approach to cope with:

-Pain management* 





Expressive Arts is a beneficial method of stress reduction,  helping you declutter your mind, reduce anxiety, pain, depression, or any other emotions that are getting in the way of being present, focused, and feeling at ease. 

*Focusing Oriented Art therapy is extremely successful with physical pain management. Pain reduction seen within one session with chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. *note: this is not a claim of remedying these conditions, but rather pain relief, benefits include sleeping better, range of motion, less pain, and reducing amount of pain medication. 


Individual Sessions

Expressive Arts sessions emerge organically depending on clients needs and what is true in the moment or what client identifies as needed. Intra/interpersonal conflicts or themes are externalized through a variety of mediums, and reflected upon in ways that resolve, bring insight, provide clarity and open new possibilities of being. Emotional content and inner wisdom is externalized through the modality(res) of choice, including movement, poetry, visual art, sound, music, or writing. Various creative mediums as well as verbal processing are layered throughout session. reflection through metaphors, symbolism , felt sense, intuition, breath work, and mindfulness are used to integrate the experience. Julia Grace has extensive training in trauma sensitive art therapy, and focusing oriented art therapy. 

Clients can focus on an issue of choice and utilize their felt sense and art to shed light on the matter, revealing steps to resolving the issue. 

Most often people feel lighter, clearer, with a renewed sense of wellbeing. 


“Every time I am with this precious soul, I lose more and more of my depression and always gain such joy and energy. “ T.C. 62 y.o. Female
“I suffer from extreme anxiety and until I began having session with Julia I thought the only way I could cope was with medications. However, now that I am working with Julia and learning various techniques I am reaching levels of comfort that i have not experienced before. She truly works with you as an individual to find a combination of creative techniques tailored for you. it is hard to explain how different and better I feel after each session and how much hope it gives me.
— R.S. , 29  y.o. male 



Clinical Group therapy utilizing the arts to explore topics of sobriety, addiction, recovery, trauma, resiliency, stress management and coping skills. 


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